Alexander Churchill was born in San Diego California and raised in Vermont. In his time in rural towns Alex learned to appreciate the natural world and developed a curiosity for how humanity fits within it. Alex's curiosity for nature and science has always run parallel to his philosophical and artistic curiosity, and efforts in meeting the two has become a focus that drives his artistic practice. Alex earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from Green Mountain College in 2008 and works as an oil painter in Connecticut. 



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-”Chlorine Tidal Wave” Field Projects, New York, Ny

-New Guild members Exhibition: Silvermine Galleries, New Canaan, Ct

-Green: The impossible Color, The Painting Center New York, NY


-Guild group exhibition, Silvermine Galleries, New Canaan, Ct

-"Place(Holder)" Gallery 263 Cambridge, Ma

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-"Haunting" Linus Gallery, Juried online exhibition, Pasadena, Ca

-24th Annual Juried Competition and Exhibition, Viridian Artists INC. New York, NY, Juror: Elisabeth Sussman, *Honorable Mention
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-4th Annual National Figurative Art Competition and Competition, Lore Degenstein Gallery,

Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pa


-3rd Annual National Figurative Art Competition and Competition, Lore Degenstein Gallery, 

Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pa - 2nd place winner
-Anthropolgie Local Artist Group Show- Westport, Ct



  I see Art as a confluence between a curiosity for the extra-mental physical world and a curiosity for the internal world of the self. My work is an attempt to interpret and express those curiosities in a way that is relevant in my own time and experience. The exploration of possibilities and the self critical nature of art creation opens up an objective examination of my personal sphere of subjective existence. Culture, race, heritage, place, purpose, and societal participation come into play when looking at the experiential niche I occupy. My paintings are a hyperbolic analysis of my own ignorance and privilege using the trope of the wealthy white western entitled youth.   After spending more than a year between 2015 and 2016 living within one of the richest communities in America I have found myself fascinated by the incongruous relationship between wealth and the connective bond of humanity. Coming from the perspective of a much lower tax bracket and the contrastingly different background of rural Vermont I have found myself an outsider, seeing this way of life as something wholly unnatural and dissociative. Observing complacency, entitlement, cognitive dissonance and the ennui of a comfortable society has informed a subject matter that underscores the themes in my recent work.   Visual Contradictions and tensions illustrate these themes in a presumed narrative approach and are a foundation from which the work evolves, creating an anxiety that leaves the viewer with a sense of disharmonious engagement. Chaotic and incoherent color schemes intermingle with complacent infantile subject matter and competing painting styles. Whether it is between empathy and mistrust, attraction and repulsion, or curiosity and apathy, conflict and the navigation around it will always be the cornerstone of the work serving as a reflection of awareness itself.